Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cold Winter Work

Everyone keeps asking what is going on at the Castle, well our standard reply is nothing at the actual site, it is cold and snowy, but alot is going on in Andy's head and here is your sneak peek at will be happening very soon at the castle.

This is the sketch for the front gate and the wishing well.

The piece with the measuring tape was something Andy bought a long time ago @ Marshalls and it was just lying around waiting for the perfect project. The finished project is our front door knocker. Andy came up with the design and Raulli's Iron Works in Rome, New York crafted it.

The front door and the back door.

Window with XanderBlue glass and internal shutter with XB glass
The ceiling and light detail in the great hall

various light fixtures

The kitchen
The kitchen islands

The library pieces, one has a secret door

bathroom vanities
the Queen's dowery
queen's throne

Queen's bed
and that is what has been going on at the castle!
Happy February