Monday, January 11, 2016

New Years Eve 2016

Sorry for the delay. Yes, we spent our 2nd NYE @ the castle and it was a blast!
Peter, Marc, and Andy having fun in some costunes we had.

               Clark and Chase are under those armour hats and relax, it is just water in their steins!
                                              Chloe and Dani, from Chile, looking very regal!
                       We actually had noise makers this year and didn;t need to bang the pots.
                                                                 Hats and crowns too
                   We found some fireworks just lying around and Clark and chase put on a nice show!

                                                         Sherie, Shell, and chloe
                                                               Sherie, Carol and Shell
                                         Carrie didn;t call her Mom and gotput in the stocks.
                                                    Rex won Risk after hours of planning
                                                         moved the chairs to the fireplace
                     and moved the table closer to the kitchen, duh, what were we thinking before?
                                                               so much more functional.
                            Peter brought his skeet machnoe and now Andy wants one. Fun shooting.

              Shell and Marc were the first in the stocks cause they are bad, bad, so wickedly bad!!!
 Sweet dream princess. As the boys played Risk, Juliana took a cozy nap in the fungeon. I let her borrow my queen pillow!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

First FUNdraiser

So we had our first FUNdraiser a few weeks back at the castle to support the Fire and Ice Festival in Tupper Lake. Andy decided it would be a good time for he, Maria, and I to finish up a bunch of final details before the party started on Saturday. 
Maria made fabric tabs to hang this painting from and so we took it down for her to sew them on
and then we had to set the scaffolding up, and ladder, for andy to dangerously rehang the painting with the witches broom.
the new apolstered couch looks AWESOME in the fundgeon. and it is pretty comfy.
the artillery
spear collection
                                 Andy put a new rope on great hall staircase. Safety first
                         The big window off the great hall, on back of castle now has a small balcony
                           Andy has , what he calls, his garage, in the back od the castle now.
There's new pebble and concrete border around the perimeter to prevent people from getting too close to walls.
                         Andy up high again on another ladder changing all the light bulbs out.
                                    Kerosene pots line the walk to the entrance for our guest.
We couldn;t find any nice fall flowers to buy for fountain, so Maria went au naturale and made this nice display from things she found around the castle grounds.
A Queens welcome
    and the pary begins, live music and all
      People enjoying the food and drinks, provided by Well Dressed Foods, in the Fundgeon.
                               The ladies in the Queen's bathroom looking out at the party
    Maria, the real and only queen of the castle, sitting in the queen's room talking with guests.
Had to keep people off the roof as the parapet walls are not done, safety first, so we lied about having a dragon.
                                                          It was a full, fun house/castle!
                             The queen reading off the door prizes and performing the live auction.
                   Ben and Jay were awesome live music, wish I could have sat and listened more.
Thank you all for coming and for being so welcoming to us new comers and for supporting the Fire and Ice Festival

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Parapet Wall

So the Pareapet wall was designed and built off site @ Yantch Concrete in Auburn, NY. They are 2 ft. thick, 4 ft. high, and 7 1/2 ft. long. Inside is 150lbs. worth high strength steel, 3/8 in thick. Outside is coated with a fiberglass mesh and finished with a thin shell concrete.

The man from Harlow Crane came from Lake Placid and said he had actually been at the site with Ed, three to four times previously when Ed first started construction.

All the pieces were lifted to the roof in three hours, Brian is wondering where the next one will go.
Ok, so funny story. The pieces were brought up on two trucks. The second truck driver called the first truck driver and said,  "you should pull over". 
The first truck driver said, "why"
The second truck driver said, "because you just lost a section back here". 
Yup, one of the piece came off the truck, going 65 mph, and just needed minor aesthetic repair. 
Its Strong! 

and the new view of the castle with Parapet Wall completes the current look of the castle.
The guys got them all installed by the end of the day.
                                                               Very stately I would say