Thursday, February 28, 2013

Floors and Framing

 Andy and Rex went North last weekend to meet with contractors, electrican, heating & water guy, and to see the newly done in floor heating and framing that is done. It was a cold day, but the sun was shining and the driveway was plowed, so all was good. Looking pretty good on the outside.

Here is the Cisterne/Fungeon with the new filled in , in-floor heating slab. We are keep the rough rocks along the edges exposed. When Ed laid the foundation he blasted into this rock to lay the framework and it kinda brings the outside in and reminds us of what use to be.

This is the tool room right now, but will be other part of the Fungeon. You can see they are framing the ceiling out.

and the new floor in the kitchen!

The great room continues to get framed in and has become the storage area for all the furniture they had to move to do the floors in the other rooms.

The newly created upper floor is the only floor that will have wood floors as seen here,
 The newly created upper floor of bedrooms is framed in and you can see plumbing tubes are in place also.
no people pictures, Rex had the camera this time and he is all about the work speaking for itself. As you can see, even though we haven't been up much, the castle is still bustling with workers. Andy is hoping to meet with the electrician this weekend.