Sunday, February 9, 2014

Long Time No See

All of us finally made it to the castle this weekend, with our new neighbors, Carol and her daughter, Julianna, who happens to be Rex's girlfriend. We went up because Andy takes any opportunity to do so and because Julianna is a skater and was skating in the Empire State Games in Lake Placid. 
Last time Andy went up alone he took a bunch of measurements of things he could work on at home and then bring up with us.
 This is the faux concrete block wall that will go above the great stairs that Andy constructed at home. He laid it out in our castle room at home to see how it looked. Looks good, except I was working on making baskets for a fundraiser in that room and he displaced me.
 So, after some gusting winds and drifting snow, we made it to Tupper on Friday evening. Marc and Brian have been busy in our absence. This is the library. Notice the new ceiling!
 This is the landing in the great room. We decided it was too long and the guys ccut it back so it is more of a walkway than landing. The stairs down will be built to left of landing soon and that will be exciting because I get nervous every time Ruby and her friends are pulling themselves up to the landing from the wood cart.
                                  Andy preps the wall is faux finishing will go on by painting it grey,
                                        Here is the faux wall laid out at castle before it goes up
                    The bedframe is now a window frame and the window seat is taking place
 Andy lets Rex in on the action. Rex is painting the top portions. I don't think Andy likes heights much anymore.
                                            The main entrance now has complete wood ceilings.
 yup, this is Andy's SAFE contraption he set up to do the installation. He only fell off the ladder once and said he didn't hurt anything. It was a big crash though.
                   Brian and Marc are currently installing the wood ceilings in the fungeon/wine room.
            The boiler room has been divided in the basement and the half bathroom is taking shape.
                                                  These are pieces we found along the way.
                         Andy sprayed them with the grey concrete textured spray paint and they will hang on the great stair wall.
                                          You can never have too many crowns at a castle.
                                              Ceilings and light fixtures are done in the kitchen.
                                               A freshly fallen snow on the guardian lions.
 You know you are in the Adirondacks when you have to shovel out the snow from the fire pit.
 Went for a walk with Carol around the property and we came upon a CSI scene near the lower pond.
 From what we can put together it was 2 coyotes fighting, it was a good fight that went on through 3 different locations and it ending in a death of one of them. We found alot of fur and a pelvic bone.
                                 Tosh enjoyed the walk and the snow and trailing all the wild life.
                                                         Freshly fallen snow on big rock.
                                                                Where's Tosh
   We stopped in the middle of the big hill to get a sweet picture of Carol, we both needed a breather. The                                                          snow was deep and the hill was big.
 It was the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, so we went for a look. Here's the Ice Palace, so pretty and amazing how much colder it is inside of an ice castle.
                                          Rex and Julianna allowed a rare photo with smiles even.
                                                                        Ice tower
                                                     It was a Celtic theme this year.
                                                                        Ice Man
                                                                       Ice woman
                                     The Ice King. His but had to be really, really cold! It kinda looks fake in this picture, but it was a real man.
                                                                    Very cool dragon
                              Unicorn. Apparently the horn fell off a fell times and had to be reattached.
                                                         Ice Bar Dragon across the street

                                                                     Halfway done
                    Carol brought a castle warming gift complete in castle theme concrete wrapping
                                               I made sure Andy had a spotter after the fall
                              Andy made these toliet paper holder stands for the knights.
 The center piece was something we found and then Andy made the cirner pieces so it would fit........
                                               right here in this square at the 3rd floor landing
                  Doors on 4th floor bedrooms are done complete with Speakeasy peep hole

 Can't leave out one of the reasons we went up. Julianna skating in the Empire State Games. She was so good. The music was awesome, she was beautiful, and she skated with grace, power and skill and she won the gold medal for her division!

                                       A fun and productive Adirondack Weekend at the castle!