Sunday, March 10, 2013

Got Rugs

 Andy was working all morning yesterday, or so he said! He always finds time, in between meetings, to hit an antique show. He says he "just happened to be in the area".


He came home with a car load of rugs for the castle and had to show us all of them! thank goodness it was a nice day.

 Apparently He also found some other furniture, lamps, and nick knacks, but he got all those on the trailer and over to the storage unit before I saw them. He was saying he loves going to the storage unit to unload things because he sees things he had purchased awhile ago and forgot about.


Well, he got a great deal on everything and we are one step closer to furnishing the castle, so yeah to Andy and his shopping spree this weekend.

Monday, March 4, 2013

It was a dark and snowy night....

Went up to the castle for 24hrs over the weekend so Andy could meet with the electrician and review the electrical plan with him. We got in Saturday evening and the snow had just started falling and it was so pretty

Some of the stained glass windows are friends made are in and look very pretty at night when they are back lit, as you can see for yourself here. I think this is the Glowacki's Window.

I have always loved this angle from down the hill looking up at the castle, so I braved the deep snow, falling three times to get this picture!

The back door sports another stained glass window, this is the Corona's I believe.

and another angle from the driveway as you enter with the big lions.
I slept in on Sunday, Andy met with the electrician, and we left, so no more pictures this time.