Monday, January 11, 2016

New Years Eve 2016

Sorry for the delay. Yes, we spent our 2nd NYE @ the castle and it was a blast!
Peter, Marc, and Andy having fun in some costunes we had.

               Clark and Chase are under those armour hats and relax, it is just water in their steins!
                                              Chloe and Dani, from Chile, looking very regal!
                       We actually had noise makers this year and didn;t need to bang the pots.
                                                                 Hats and crowns too
                   We found some fireworks just lying around and Clark and chase put on a nice show!

                                                         Sherie, Shell, and chloe
                                                               Sherie, Carol and Shell
                                         Carrie didn;t call her Mom and gotput in the stocks.
                                                    Rex won Risk after hours of planning
                                                         moved the chairs to the fireplace
                     and moved the table closer to the kitchen, duh, what were we thinking before?
                                                               so much more functional.
                            Peter brought his skeet machnoe and now Andy wants one. Fun shooting.

              Shell and Marc were the first in the stocks cause they are bad, bad, so wickedly bad!!!
 Sweet dream princess. As the boys played Risk, Juliana took a cozy nap in the fungeon. I let her borrow my queen pillow!