Monday, June 25, 2012

Moving in alittle bit...

We loaded up this Ryder truck with some of the big furniture from the storage unit and brought it up to the castle to store. This was full of vanities, armoires, and all the four poster beds and various other smaller pieces.
My Mom and Dad came with us to help. Here is my Dad supervising Andy. 
Brian and Mark took a break from construction and helped unload.
Look at how happy Mark is to be lifting these big pieces. There carried everything up to the first floor great hall, not an easy task and there was some heavy grunting going on.
I was trying to show you that the great room was full of furniture here, but not a very good picture of that. You can see the pieces of the beds stacked here though.

Here you can see us craning the posters of the bed up from the great room to the fourth floor. 
We figured out if we had a guide rope on it, it was easier to manipulate the posters to get it through the hole.

We had the headboards going up too. My Dad and Chris on the ground. 

 Andy, Rex, and Jack up top getting the pieces.

and viola, here you can see all the pieces are out of the great room as we still need to lay in floor tubing for heating there.
Here's some of the library pieces in their home in the library. 
The permanent front door with knocker on it.
The permanent back door with the Corona's glass window from the outside.
and the back door from the inside with the Corona window.
patti's husband, Chris Gallagher, has taken over the masonary wrk, look how great it looks.
 He is doing a great job mixing in rocks Ed had there, with new ones we bought, even some he brought from his home on Whiteface Mountain!
Another window is in here. this is just temporary to see if they fit, we'll take them out and get them framed better now we know it fits.
 I think this is the Seaman/Prichett window.

and the Pirro Window went in too! 
My Mom was on her hands and knees cleaning the place and monitoring me to make sure I didn't do too much. I probably did overdo it the first day, so I didn't do anything the next day. It's amazing when you are on your fifth chemo treatment and your anemic and your white blood cell count is down, how tired you get just walking to the roof and back. It isn't amazing, actually it sucks and it made me cry, but I will be running up and down those stairs soon with no problems, guarantee it! 
Got alot done. The concrete guys are there this week cutting the big openings between the kitchen and great room, the wine cellar and fungeon, and making a hallway to the fourth floor bedrooms, can''t wait to see that done, but it'll be another mess to clean when they are done. 
I can honestly say, even this early on, I know why there were servants for this cleaning business, anyone want a job?