Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 14th

So, I apologize for not being a better blogger on the castle, but as many of you know, I was diagnosed with a re-occurance of breast cancer on 3.22.12. I have had two surgeries since and been diagnosed  with re-occurance of the previous DCIS cancer as well as Invasive Carcinoma stage two. I just started chemotherapy for 16 weeks and will have 8 weeks radiation after that, so not a lot of castle work for me this summer, but I hope to be up there relaxing, cause what better place to do it. The new blog for this chapter of our life is (, yes I forgot the g in our name so make sure you do to when you are pluggin it in )
I am pushing for Andy and the kids and friends to get up there as much as possible, but at least we have Brain and Marc still plugging away.
Andy, Dave, & Maria (three timers now) met Brian and Marc up there over April break. They are working on the Queens Balcony near the big window in the great room. Here is Andy painting  some of the carving they did. The carvings are dragons! 

 Here are Maria and Dave doing their dragon carvings. Andy told Brian and Marc master carvers were coming up to do this. Once here they learned Dave is a Writer and Yoga teacher and Maria is the Mistress of all that is good, they are a positive, healing force in our lives right now for sure and grateful for both of these special people!

Toshie is never far from the action.Looks like he found a nice place right next to Dave and in the sun

Up close and personal with the dragon.

.You can see them hanging the dragon pieces into place where the balcony will be here.

The most exciting part that I saved for last is that the ceiling in the great room, and the floor to the 2nd floor is up and here it is! The hole against the wall is where they will bring though all the large furniture and kitchen pieces.

Stay tuned. We have no trips planned for May due to treatments and Boyscouts activities, but hope to be getting up there in June. Will try and get Brian and Marc to send pictures of their continued work. Talked with some Lake Placid friends too and it seems a party is in the making for June so you can all see me bald!  Will keep you posted on that!