Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Holidays

 Weren't able to make it up for Thanksgiving, but we did get up for the weekend after and we have our first xmas tree at the castle. It's a bit of a Charlie Brown tree, but Andy felt it was the one who needed to be our first tree.
So my normal routine when I get to to the castle is to unload and then explore. I take pictures to help narrate all the things that Brian and Marc have finished since our last visit. In the Fungeon, we have more hardware up, mostly for decoration purpose, a railing from upper level to lower level, and the screen for the projector.

Juliana, Rex , and Tosh moved some furniture down to Fungeon to do homework and also to watch some holiday movies.
As we make our way up great hall stairs, we find a new conquistador Andy and Rex found on their travels
                            Once in the kitchen we find Andy has put leather straps on the drawers.
 Ahhh, the secret bathroom off the library. The door doesn't close, or open, yet, but they finished the framing inside.
                                               and the sink is working and mirrors are hung!
                            These are the new light fixtures for the great hall window seat areas.
         This is who was waiting for me in my bed, in my spot, all comfy and oblivious to me.
 We went a little crazy buying Rams heads at Marshalls about 10 years ago. They have made it from our basement to great Hall stairs, I sense they are awaiting their final destination soon. Andy likes to "sit" with things and then the perfect placement usually presents itself.
 Shelves and various treasures found along the way also accompany the Rams heads on the great Hall stairs awaiting placement.
                                                            Clocks and swords too await

 Andy spent Saturday installing new blocking for hanging bathroom curtains so they hung to the ground. A small detail to some, but alot of work to do so it looks just right!

 This piece is great. Rex and Andy found the painting of the Knight at an antique store and Andy built the frame out of stuff he had lying around. He hing it today in this location after I left with the kids.
                          The beds never get old looking at, had to take and share another picture.
 These are some of the timber frames that will be the timberframe structure on the roof. These ones are in Ruby's room.
                                            And the timber frame already going up on roof!
 You can now see the castle from Route 3 with all the leaves down and timberframe going up.

 Juliana supported Rex, and Tosh, as Andy put Rex to work putting in the light fixture to this.
  We took trip to Santa's Workshop. Here are Ruby and Abby in front of one of the quaint structures

 Rex and Juliana got santa hats with names on them. Ruby and Abby touched the north pole.

 Pam Savard works for Gillis Realty in Tupper. She was first one to show Andy the castle. She returned with her husband, Dana, today for a tour and also to present up with these wall hangings she made just for us! While we are displaying them here, we think they might look totally awesome in the fungeon.                                                                                                                                                                
 SO, kids and I didn't do much at castle this weekend, but we had fun. Andy worked hard, as usual, good time had by all.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A walk on the WILD side

 So this post is not about the castle. It's about another great happening in Tupper Lake that we are so excited for. As if having The Wild Center, a one of a kind, experiential museum about the history of the Adirondacks with loads of walking/hiking trails isn't enough, look what they are doing now...
  Click on this video: then go to their website and donate, how can you not want to be a part of this, can't wait to be able to wave from our tower to all our friends over at the Wild Center Tree House walk!

Things are happening in Tupper.