Friday, December 13, 2013

A visit with friends

We moved in some marble counter top, the boys tell  me it was not light! 

                                                                 thank you Marc and Andy!
                                                               Thank you Roma Tile
 We kidnapped the neighbor kids Friday evening and Hope and Parker came to Tupper with us. That  met they got to work sooner. Here they are with Rex and Ruby rubbing the silver on the metal pieces.
 While Parker was missing the  SU game, he still was suppoting the team with his sweatshirt and he was a very good rubber!
 obviously Rex is an expert rubber and her kept tabs on all the novice.
                                                         Ruby and Hopie were good rubbers
 Did I mention that some of our good friends came up to help us? Well the Corona's came and Andrea felt the need to do the dishes while her AWESOME castle warming gift sat there waiting for me to open.

                                  The kids, Rex, Parker and Marysa had fun playing castle board games
                             Ruby and hope caught up on things in the comfy red chairs in the great room
 Andrea and Tom said they knew how to ghang light fixtures, so we put them to work in the kitchen.
                                 Michael took over for Andrea and helped Tom with the Island kitchen fixture!

                                                                Michael lighting the light!

                       Marc was there bright and early to work on the doors for the bedrooms!

                                                                    Pretty cool doors!
            The doors did not just perfectly fit as we'd hoped, so Marc had to to measure and then take them to                                                  the roof and cut and then back to see how they fit! Rex has become a good                                                                           supervisor
                                                 The Glo kids and Ruby hangin in Rub's bedroom!
                                 Corona's, Glowacki's, Ramsgard's, and Pirro's preparing dinner!
                                    Helen and Ellen brought a great castle warming gift, thanks ladies!

                  The young ladies thought the leaves in their heads were very  flatering and earthly!
                Mr. Corona, super AV man that he is got a Christmas movie set up on the laptop in the great room. He was vey proud of himself.

                                                  Andrea thought the library was worth a pose!

                                              This is the 3rd floor landing. It is mostly done as far as framing.
 The King's room. The window's are not in and the drapery is not on the bed, but it was still very comfy!
                                                        They got the washer and dryer up!  
                                                       Entering Rex's room is pretty darn cool!
 Andrea thought she was Eva Pirrone while standing in her shower. We are not crying for you Andrea!
OMG, how great to finally be able to stay at castle and share with friends! Who's next?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Another moving in day, hey its a castle, there is alot to move!

 We are personal friends with Jason @ Ryder now. He gave Andy a really new, nice truck this time. We brought up the rest of the stuff from the storage units, the appliances, and a bunch of stuff from our house, which is now practically empty.
                                            Here's he front entry with a bunch of the STUFF.
 These are a bunch of light fixtures Andy bought at lowe's, spray painted black, and then rubbed with the silver stuff.
                                               The great room has a table, chairs, rugs, pillows
 We brought the queen mattresses and guess what???? they didn't fit in the spiral staircase, so up to the great room, out the library window onto the turret  and then handed up to 4th floor.
                                                  Marc is on turret lifting it to Andy and Brian

                                                       Got em all in and no one got hurt.
             Thank god the Electricians were there to help with the refrigerators up the great hall stairs
                     Bedroom near completion on 4th floor. Still awaiting our drapery for the bed posts, but looks pretty good compared to what was here 3 years ago. This is the very spot we have 2 bins of sand and gravel that we eventually used for concrete.
 Ruby is under the blanket on the bed. This is her room, which has the best view. Abby is trying to escape my lens, but I got her!
             oh look, there's Ruby. No TV's @ the castle, so the girls were watching movies on the laptop
                                                    a bathroom with accessories & towels
Andy's Dad got us these toliet paper holders a few years back. They fit into the wooden holders I purchased @ Marshalls for the backs of the toliets.
 A bathroom vanity with medicine chest that Shelly found @ Marshalls too! We are going to put a mirror on the inside for those of us that are so vein.
                           The towel racks will be drilled into walls, but for now rest on the side table.
                      Maria and Dave came to visit. Here they are in kitchen partaking in before dinner drink. They were the first friends to help us and they are the first friends to spend the night.
                                                                    So cute!
                                                  the library with some nick knacks
                                                After dinner lounging in the great room.

                       Sunday morning and Dave and Maria are hard at work rubbing all the fixtures!
                                                              We are coming along.