Saturday, July 8, 2017

Raising of the tower

So, we have continued to work on details of castle, inside and out, the past year and I apologize for my tardiness in blogging, but life happens. However, I couldn;t let this go by without sharing. So, Andy designed the tower and Brian built it on the ground in front of the castle as seen here.
this is a view from inside looking up the spiral stair already assembled in the tower. 
This is a view of the roof where the tower will be placed

                                        this is view on castle top before tower gets places.

Andy trimming trees before rising
patiently waiting to hook up the crane to the tower top
Auburn Crane Arrives right on time 

                                                  and the tower is up in about 30 minutes!
                                            Here is my stop motion video from the ground:
and the stop motion video from the princess turret

                                                                   and here is the drone video 

Todd, my high school friend and photographer /drone extraordinaire taking a break
taking advantage of crane and bringing extra turret pieces down 

and the new front view!

new view on roof with tower

door on roof to tower

Tower window

top of spiral stairs and tower walk around
one proud king that everything went as planned without any problems.
we also painted alot of things black
we trimmed the grass on the front entrance with quite the precision
                                                                New view above the trees

                                                                  Proud Castle Owners!


  1. I so enjoy watching the progress on the property. I worked at the TLHS until I retired in 1985. Well remember Ed and his love of castles...I enjoy the view from the castle top, those Mountains are mine(well in theory) if you were to go out and make a left on Dugal Road you would see Madore Farm Road..The original farm was our home. It is a long ways from our Florida home but I must confess I have occasionally copped a view you posted for my cover photo. It so reminds me of early morning views from my bedroom window at the farm or from my walks to the back of the property on sunny afternoons. Thanks for all the beautiful memories you have given me. Enjoy your castle, Ed Leary would be in seventy heaven enjoying a visit and telling a tale or two.