Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend 11.27.10

We spent Thanksgiving Day @ the house, cooking, watching the parade, and preparing for a fabulous feast with our family. Here's Dad cutting the turkey & the rest of the family getting ready to dig.
3 hours later we were packed and on the road again headed to the castle for the weekend.
Friday morning turned out to be alot nicer than predicted. Forecast said low 30's & freezing rain, we got mid 30's & sunshine, so we were good to go. Andy & the kids continued on the fort while I continued to clear the land. Andy decided the metal radio towers he had up last time for the fort were not Medievil enough, so he took those down and decided to use more of the big cedars we had. No roof in first picture, raising roof in second picture.
Here Andy & Rex build the walls. these will have cedars around them too, but we have to bring home the logs and split them and then bring them back and put them on.

My Friend Patti stopped by after work and helped us with some possiblr xmas card shots. Here's a few of the kids that we are not using. It was near the end of the day, hence the sun setting in the background and we were getting cold, so it was a quick photo shoot!

Here is some of the area I have been working on clearing. First picture is Friday and second picture is Saturday! I waited until the snow and wind died down cause it was a white out Saturday morning and you wouldn't have been able to see anything.
Trees were snow covered and here is the upper pond with a pretty thick layer of ice on it snow covered too.
We dragged over the big pile of cedars that were near the castle, cut before we bought the property, over to the fort and Andy & the kids started using them to secure the fort

Saturday Night we went back to castle to do some light checks with some exterior lights Andy might use. It was a dark and cold evening.........

Sunday we helped Andy do some measuring, he was up there doing a bunch of measurements for a few hours before we got there. Here He and Rex are on the scaffolding while Ruby records the numbers on the plans.

After we cleaned up, we called it a short day and decided to take the long way home through Old Forge and do some shopping.
Here's to a Happy Holiday season! I guess I probably should have lit the little tree to make it a bit more dramatic, but again, it was cold and I was doing everything fast to get out of there!

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