Friday, September 16, 2011

Boys Weekend

Andy & Rex went up to the castle without Ruby & I last weekend. They got alot done, but they work so hard they forget to take pictures. They came back with a few this time, at my urging, so I will try and piece together what they did.

Some windows got even bigger. They cut out the lower portion of this window.
They got stuck on the other great room window, so the concrete company was going to come back and help them with that.

Some new windows were created. The two upper windows that will be on the fourth floor were knocked out. Andy had been cutting them all along on previous visits. This picture shows one of the new windows. This doesn't look like alot, but once all the cuts are made through the concrete for the window, you get the center piece out by sledge hammering it, ALOT! It is very hard work and very tiring. ALl the while they are doing this remember they are on a 30 ft. high scaffolding, which is scary in and of it self.

When the boys got to the castle it was all wrapped up in this white cover. The Stucco people were there durning the week starting the stucco process and apparently this is part of it. The stucco company also left their lift which Rex became pretty good at operating, so much so, that he had to help Andy use!

You can just barely see that the boys also put a safety fence around the roof for safety reasons of course. You can actuall see the fence better in the previous pictures.
No castle this weekend, I think it is the first weekend ANdy is missing all summer, hope the withdrawls aren't too bad for him. Rex & I are headed to Lake Placid to camp and hike a high peak with the boyscouts. Andy & Ruby are hom working on Rex's birthday present. I am sure Andy will use the time to plan a busy work schedule for us next weekend..

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