Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stained Glass Windows

I came up with an idea to get all the stained glass windows in the castle done and have others do the work, have a party!  So, on Memorial Day, we invited the some friends and family over, gave them drinks and food and let them design a window that will be a permanent part of the castle. Here is what they came up with.

Andy and Rex built frames for the windows that people would simple place the glass in. Here are the framse set up and ready for people to get to work. Andy has some of his big pieces of glass that broke on the corners cut into diamonds and triangles and then tumbled them so the edges weren't too sharp.

We laid out all the pieces for people to choose from and let them put them anywhere, they wanted within a structural capability. Andy did give a lesson or too on certain rules, I never listened to know what they were except they had to lay the first few rows horizontally fr structural reasons.

As the lessons went on and Andy supervised everyone was getting the idea, I just drank my summer cocktail and took pictures.

The Aspengard's took part early on and finished with a nice design 

The Pirro girls took part and took it serious, Jess wasn't happy with the design at first, but she came around! 

Jack wasn't liking Aunt Ann's and Julie's, but it is hard to please Jack.

The Nye girls took control and combed out colors early on to get this nice design.

 Ms. Bev took a smaller, pool room window and came up with a nice pool room design, Pat handed her the glass she asked for.Nice tea work! 

The Baldwin's have a nice X pattern going on here!  

The Danaher's  had a similar X pattern with a fly off variation, very nice

The Glowacki's were missing Helen and Phoebe, but did their best without them. the G's were going for a ting yang in the middle, but I kinda see a G now.

The Corona girls, I swear I got their picture, but they were working so hard on the Corona sun while their parents drank that I never got their picture.
Not that I am bias or anything, but I think Rex did the best with his window after watching everyone else. It'll be in the fungeon!  Legos paid off with him and his design!

So those are our new windows for the castle. Sorry if I mixed them up on the blog. There will be plaques next to them at the castle to denote the family who created them


  1. Ooh, stained glass windows! I love making those! It’s quite a long and sometimes tedious process, but it’s always been such a fun outlet for my creativity. I’ve graduated from geometric designs, and am now trying my hand at simple pictures and images. I think it’s so awesome that you’re putting up stained glass windows in your castle! What castle is complete without stained glass windows, after all!

    Marla Hinds

  2. Beautiful! What even makes those stained glass windows remarkable is the fact that it’s a product of teamwork. I can only imagine how wonderful the reflected lights will be when these customized windows are placed against the sun. :’>

    - Willene Fagen

  3. It must’ve been so fun to work with a lot people, and so much more if you put on a mini contest. :D. To boost everyone’s spirits by a healthy competition is an old trick, but it can still give one of the best results. All the same, I appreciate everyone’s creativity, especially the kids. :D -->Mary Martin