Tuesday, August 14, 2012

and the walls come crumbling down..

Moore's Flatwork and Foundation has been busy cutting the concrete for the interior cuts Andy wanted. Here is the tool room cut which now opens into the Fungeon. Marc and Brian needed a good work out, so they took to knocking the rest of the block out for us and here it is:

Andy is standing in the fungeon and Tosh is looking down at him from what is now the tool room
Here I am in the Fungeon looking back up at the boys. The tool room will be where the pool table is. It is amazing how much this cut opens up the space and makes it feel even bigger. Andy is very excited about it. Thank you to Brian and Marc for cleaning out all the concrete block too cause Andy planned on us doing that this past weekend.

Here is the other big interior cut. I am standing in the great room looking into what will be the kitchen. This use to just be a doorway and wall, now it is open to great room again making it appear even bigger and making the flow much nicer.

Chris is hard at work with the stone work, he is about half way up the turret and it is looking good. He is paying close attention to each stone as he puts it in place. He says he has a fish swimming, an angry bird, and a pac man eating the dot so far in the design. That'll keep the kids busy looking for those!

The kids stayed back with Nana and Poppie this past weekend, so it was just Andy & I up. We did alot of cleaning. Now that the holes are cut, most of the dusty, dirty work inside is done, so we are working to get everything vacuumed/swept and de-dusted. It is pretty spotless for a castle under construction. 

Our neighbor had a block party and we got to hear more stories about Edward and the castle before it was ours, it was a nice time and there are some good stories.

Stayed tuned.

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