Saturday, November 24, 2012

A few Surprises at the Castle

 Ruby Came to the Castle with us this past weekend, yeah Ruby. She is dressed for warmth in four layers which you really can't tell from this pic, but you can trust me.

The stone work on the turret is indeed done and here are a few more pictures of that. It looks great.

We went out to dinner and Chris was saying how he had to toast himself to a job well done because no one else was there with him, so here is Andy re toasting Chris to a nice job on the stone work!
So the Stone work being done was a nice surprise for us, but we needed something to keep Ruby coming back, so here was out bribe! Andy and Rex got up early Saturday morning to set up a trampoline in the great  room. (if it is black below, but you see an arrow, click on arrow)

 Rex and I cleaned off the 10 stain glass windows our friends made and prepped them for some self adhesive lead tape. It comes in these big rolls and you just peel off the back and stick it on. We decided to do big diamond patterns on the windows to give them a bit more punch from a distance.

Tosh is never far away 
 We outlined patterns , like this ying-yang G that the Glowacki's did when the pattern was clear.

Andy and Rex installed a few of the windows, but decided they wanted to build an outer box for them to make them more secure, so they were going to do that next weekend.

As we haven't been to castle in awhile my once clean stairs had alot of dirt and debris in them, so we spent a good part of Saturday cleaning up.
 More floor framing is happening.

  More intricate plumbing is happening.
 furniture is getting moved around.
 windows are getting framed out. 
 carving our name into foam is happening

So things are moving along, not going to be ready for the 12.12.12 party, but we are all healthy and back on our A game now so we can start ramping up the final details.

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