Monday, August 4, 2014

The Long Anticipated Roof Design

 Andy got a new toy this past Christmas for the office, A 3D printer. His staff, Rex, and he have been busy learning the ins and outs of how to use it and here is one example.
This is the 3D model of what the roof of the castle will be.
The 20 foot tower with spiral staircase inside for access to look out at top, yes, that means it will be 60 feet high and will overlook the tree lines.
The Parapet (def. - a low protective wall or railing along the edge of a raised structure, such as a castle) Wall.
The Tower and Parapet are going to be constructed from steel frame with the Spray Foam and concrete finished that was used for the outside of the castle and the other decorative features around the windows. Thus, the tower will be strong and walls will be structurally strong and sound, but not too heavy to lift into place. 
The other nice aspect of this design is that the tower and parapet can be built off site and assembled on site, once done, in one day. Insta - Castle Roof and Tower so to say.

  Andy had originally planned on Greenhouse on Roof, but as we won't be there all the time to maintain and care for it and because we want to be up on the roof whenever we can, in any type of weather, he has now decided on a wood frame structure, noted in the model as the paper roof structure. That too can mostly be done off site and assembled quickly once on site.
            So, we are hoping for finished Roof top by end of Fall before the Snow Falls!  For all you artesians that are working on this, let's get moving!


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