Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Leary Family spends first night in Leary Castle

Every year Ed Leary's sister, Karen, who inherited the castle and then sold to us, comes to visit and see the progress. This year we invited her, her husband Ed, and their friend Mary, from Minnesota, to come visit and spend the night for the very first time. Mary is a friend of Karen's from college and she was one of the first people to video the beginnings of the castle, it was such an honor to have them all with us and to have them sharing stories of Ed and his aspirations for the castle.
 Andy, Rex, Tosh and I arrived late Friday evening & were excited to drive up and find the new light fixture aglow. Ruby opted to stay home and visit with friends who were coming in from out of town. Andy and I were up until 2:30am working on the puzzle we started back on Labor Day. nothing like the wind howling outside on a Fall Adirondack night, candle light, martini's and a puzzle...... at a castle to set the perfect night.
We obviously slept in until 11am next morning having stayed up late and it was time to get working for Andy and Rex and get shopping for me as I was making a nice home made castle meal for our guest. We got stuff done and were back to greet out guest, Karen, Don, and Mary mid afternoon. It only took about 30 minutes before we all had Steins in hand and were toasting to just about everything.

I know Mary looks scared here, but she quickly warmed up to my charms and we became soul/breast sisters pretty darn quickly.
So my Tuscan Lasagna is in the oven, salad is made, getting ready to broil the steaks and toast the bread and POOF, all the lights, and electricity go out. We are having an Adirondack, late Fall rain and wind storm and apparently it was powerful enough to blow the electricity to our part of town. The police assured me the electric department was on it, so we lit the grill for the steaks, stuck the bread in oven with Lasagna, and did what anyone would do in this situation, drank more wine and told ghost stories. All of us believe Ed had something to do with the lights out and we said Thank you Ed Leary for a totally awesome first lights experience with your sister and her family/friends. Just as Andy was cutting the steaks from the grill, poof, the electricity was back and we could see how much we all drank.
What's dinner without a toast?
We had three nice bottles of white wine during the power outage, nice addition to wine cellar.
 Our guest retired early and Andy & Rex played a medevil game while I continued to work on that puzzle.

 You saw the new walk way  above the wine racks, but now they have hardware and a screen for viewing movies. no TV's, but lots of castle movies!
This banner is something we have had for several years and now it hangs in the great hall staircase near the newly installed window.

 A newly designed, by Andy, and built by, Alan Patrick, wrought iron railing along the upper walk way from great room to king and queen's room landing.
 and opposite the iron railing, the glass panel landing overlooking the great room from back side.
                                      Karen working on final two glass panels for windows                
                            Don, is camera shy, but he jumped in to help Karen with windows.
 We called the original mason's wife, Sue, to come visit. as she knew Ed, Karen, & Don. It was so nice to be in room as they reminiscenced.

 My Momma and Poppie stopped to visit and see progress on way home from visit in Adirondacks from family. My camera was acting up and sorry for darkness.
                                              Newly apolstered bench for Ruby's room.

All the men, Rex, andy & Tosh slept on way home

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