Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Parapet Wall

So the Pareapet wall was designed and built off site @ Yantch Concrete in Auburn, NY. They are 2 ft. thick, 4 ft. high, and 7 1/2 ft. long. Inside is 150lbs. worth high strength steel, 3/8 in thick. Outside is coated with a fiberglass mesh and finished with a thin shell concrete.

The man from Harlow Crane came from Lake Placid and said he had actually been at the site with Ed, three to four times previously when Ed first started construction.

All the pieces were lifted to the roof in three hours, Brian is wondering where the next one will go.
Ok, so funny story. The pieces were brought up on two trucks. The second truck driver called the first truck driver and said,  "you should pull over". 
The first truck driver said, "why"
The second truck driver said, "because you just lost a section back here". 
Yup, one of the piece came off the truck, going 65 mph, and just needed minor aesthetic repair. 
Its Strong! 

and the new view of the castle with Parapet Wall completes the current look of the castle.
The guys got them all installed by the end of the day.
                                                               Very stately I would say

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