Friday, July 30, 2010

and the work continues....

So we are down to three this past weekend, Rex is away for 12 days @ the National Boyscout Jamboree probably having the time of his life, while Andy, Ruby & I slave away @ the castle.
We are headed up there again in a few hours, so I figured I better get a post in from last weekend.

Ruby & I were given the task of cleaning up metal around the site. Here Ruby is lifting a long piece of rebar and bringing it into the castle where she will soon learn how to cut it!

This is Ruby getting her instructions from Andy on how to run the metal cutting machine that will cut the rebar.

and minutes later, here is Ruby using the machine all by herself. She was here for a few hours cutting all the rebar, she did an awesome job and I think she felt pretty darn good about herself.

another step is poured and solid!

Here is Andy making the form work for the next stair.

a view of the forwork from below as I was coming up the stairs.

This is one of the electrical panels Andy built into a wooden frame that he is going to put into place on each floor. He got a new drill that has a special bit that drills through concrete, so he also has drilled holes between the floors where the electrical conduits will connect all the electrial boxes. Apparently it was his first time cutting through concrete and he said it was pretty cool!

This may not look like alot to you, but this is where I spend most of my time. It use to be covered with piles and piles of cut down trees and brush. You can see a pile of trees that we can reuse in the fore ground, the rest of the piles we burnt in an APA approved firepit.

This is a rocky ledge overlooking the labyrinth to the left & you can vaguely see the castle off in the background behind the trees as you drive in, well we think this would be the perfect site for a big, huge, metal sculpture, maybe of a dragon. Still thinking about that, but Andy saw something he is exploring and I'll let you know more on that as it develops!
These are some dried up flowers and seeds from Nana's garden. We are spreading them around the castle as we'd love to have lots of bright and pretty wildflowers all around. If anyone else has any, feel free to save them and send them our way!
Another productive weekend, Andy was happy with what we knocked off his list. He feels like he really has the staircase building down and feels he can get those done alittle faster now.

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