Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two stairs closer to heaven

It was another beautiful weekend in Tupper Lake this past week. We were just telling friends that every time we have gone up to the castle, whether it was just to visit quick or work, the weather couldn't be nicer, even in the fall and winter trips! This is a view from Rex's room on the fourth floor.

These are all the center stair pieces Andy & Rex made the form work for & poured back home in the workshop. They all were transported safely and carried to the fourth floor to start the staircase to the roof.

Here is Andy, Rex, & Tosh (he likes to be where the action is) building the formwork for the first stair tread.

Andy & Rex mixed the cement and shovelled it into the formwork. then we crossed our fingers and waited a day to see how it would turn out.

Here it is from a different angle to help you see where it is going

and closer yet. in this picture you can see the center pieces the boys did and you can see they look just like the old ones.

Ta Da, it worked.
Here is a picture of the first poured stair in over 20 years! Looks pretty good and it was good and hard. We were able to pour a second one after this one dried.

Here Andy is out on the turret, I am looking down taking the picture from the fourth floor.
He is making a foam mold of the top of the turret so he can take that back to the workshop @ home and work on a form work for the second slab of water proof concrete we'll need to pour on this.

My good friend Patti came again to do a bit of work and she brought Jack and Aurora to help. here they are cleaning some of the tools after the concrete pour. We do not discriminate, we take workers of all ages, there is always a job to do and we can match your unique qualities with the perfect job!

Patti & I were off hauling twigs and brush on the property, a job that enables us to also talk alot and catch up on everything, when we heard a sweet little voice say, "mommy, look at me" We looked up and there was Aurora sitting on the edge of the turret. neither of us over reacted, we just said, "stay there, so we can get a picture!"

Anyways, besides cleaning up alot of the brush on the property with Patti, I learned how to use the weed wacker and I wacked alot of weeds. The grass had really grown around the castle and along the road, so I worked on the curb appeal while the boys did all that work inside.

Another full and productive work weekend @ the castle.
Feel free to check out our scheduled work weekends in the sidebar of the blog and feel free to stop on out and help. No personal invitation are going out, just one big open invitation to come and join us when we are there.

Hope to see you soon!

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  1. Read your blog and saw your photos... incredible! We live right down the street and saw your castle site when it was for sale years ago. Beautiful site! Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood!

    Andy, Beth, Alex, and Megan