Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A different look

So the last two weekends we have had social engagements that prevented us from working fully on the castle, it had to happen sooner of later, but Andy still managed to squeeze in every free minute he could there.

Here we are with Sir Edward. Andy filled his base with cement & he made a cement base on the stone pillar Edward was experimenting with along the drive. We were hoping to put the knight up onto the pillar this past weekend, but we had rain and it was too wet, so here we are posing with him near where he will eventually be placed. In the background is the new gravel parking lot that is cleared now.

This is just an angle of the castle I had never seen and thought was quite spectacular. Instead of taking the right turn in the driveway, I took a straight footpath and this is what I came upon.
This is the beginning of a pond that uncle Frank dug out. It is up along the driveway. We wanted to see how much water it collects on its own through the fall/winter/spring season.

I was walking down the spiral staircase and looked out one of the small windows and saw this angle of the front windows and thought it was cool!

Andy spent a lot of the last two weekends marking out where the new windows will be cut. Here he is looking at his drawings, measuring, and then marking the concrete.

Andy also got the 9th & 10th stairs poured
Just a few more shots of the parking area and new circular driveway in front of the castle.
Andy is thinking ahead and has such a nice, big flat area here in case people want to have weddings here and need to put up tents for receptions. He even planned the circular drive around so a limo can easily maneuver through

Big boulders everywhere, these ones are separating the driveway above from the parking area below.
Lots of planning continues in Andy's head and construction documents. He is now to the point where he is lining up sub-contractors to help with the bigger projects.
Stay tuned to see what this weekend brings

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  1. been following for a few weeks and this is so cool, it appears that if you look real close at Sir Edwards head there are two eyes looking back

    thanks very entertaining...