Wednesday, September 1, 2010


So, the upper pond is starting to fill with natural rain water, that is a good sign.

Andy took a walk with Tosh last week without us and came across these. They look like big plant pots, which is what we are going to use them for, but he says they are big pipes they cut and left on the property.

Andy & Tosh also found a big split rock, so we all took a hike to see it and here it is, it'll be a nice landmark on the property when people are hiking around.

We weren't sure what this stone structure was on the property, but one of the neighbors said it was an old magazine shelter where they stored the dynamite they use to use to blast rocks when the property was a quarry. We found an old metal sign that says, "danger, explosives" near this and we are restoring it.

We placed Sir Edward on his perch above the parking lot. here are the kids with him.

and here he is on his own. He is kinda hiding along the right side as you are driving in and then, there he is!
Tosh found a mud puddle! Dirty dog!
Andy gave me a tool that made fireworks, how cool is that. we were getting ready to hang the metal frame Edward had left for the front door, but one of the metal hinges had a bunch of "pimples" on it, so I had to grind them down and it was fun!

and here is the frame on the door. Andy put some wood back in center of door temporarily until he designs and builds the permanent one. It will be pretty massive once it is done.

a lot more planning, measuring, organizing & cleaning went on, but that makes for boring pictures. Tosh & Rex worked hard and deserved this break, at least until next weekend! and that one is a big three day holiday work weekend!

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