Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boys Weekend 6.18.11

So the boys had to go to the castle without the girls last weekend as Ruby made it into a state track meet and she needed her Momma there. So the girls went to Rome, NY and the boys went to Tupper, NY.

Andy & Rex spent much of the first half of their day installing the crane to the top of the roof. It doesn't look like much, but it can lift up to 1000 pounds! Andy also wanted me to point out, with the crane installed on the top of the castle, that it is now the highest tower crane in the Adirondacks at a height of 47' 9". Here is a picture of Andy making the final touches on that.
He has a belt on that has him harnessed to the roof for those of you who are worried that he might fall.

Here is Rex taking a picture of himself to show he was there helping too.

This is Andy with the camera at the roof, pointed down at Rex as he loads one of the panels to the crane. Apparently it was quite hot and windy last weekend and they had to break early, around 4pm because the panels were getting blown all around going up. They went and had an early dinner, took a dip in the pool, and came back in the evening to finish up.

Nice picture of Andy with the mountains in the background.

and here is Rex's video that shows the panorama from the top of the castle, along with the panals on the roof, and Andy & the crane.

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