Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let there be light 6.25.11

Apparently our guard knight fought with the wind and the wind won. Now we have a leaning Knight of Leary Castle!

Andy always gets to the castle a few hours before the rest of us, so when we finally came rolling in @ 9am on Friday, this is what we saw. look close at the right side of the picture, do you see it, the bricks have moved. OK, so Andy was behind them sledgehammering them, but the window was coming! These are the ones Andy cut last fall and had never pushed out.

Half way there. I videotaped from the time we got there until it came out, but it was over 20 minutes, so I am sparing you all the video and just showing the still progress of it.

Rex got the final hit and here he is standing in the new front window!

Next the boys set up the scaffolding in the cisterne and started hammering out the three windows on the south face.

Here they are working hard.

and here are the new three windows on the south face! These will give the wine cellar/game room alot more natural light.

these are two enlarged windows on the north face.
These are providin more light to the central staircase leading into the great room.

Rex took some time out to play airsoft war with his friend Jack. Rex got to use his fort for the first time.

He was very proud of how he set up shop on top of the fort and didn't come down for 30 minutes. He also notes he didn't get hit once either.

Ruby came up for a look and to remind him that it is her fort too!

Patti didn't want to come up so she stayed down with Tosh who wishes he could climb ladders. Look at all the pretty ferns surrounding my pretty friend. Patti said according to the Adirondack Park Agency we are a wetland because they say anything with ferns on it is! Patti is a wealth of Adirondack knowledge.

I stenciled the large brackets all morning. Patti came and helped me all afternoon. We made good progress as you'll see in the next few pictures.

Once the brackets were done we went back to work on the small beams, they are very stressful as the stencil is so small and tends to like to move alot. We did alot of deep breathing to get through it.

Here's the small beams we have left. and Andy said we'd be stenciling all summer!

Andy put up a new temporary door and decided we should put the new knocker her had made on it. Here he is measruing it up.

and here it is on the door. It looks awesome and will look even better once we get the real door.

Thanks to Agost Raulli, from Raulli Ironworks in ROme, New York for taking Andy's sketch for this door knocker and turning it into a piece of art!

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