Monday, July 18, 2011

A knocker worthy of a castle door - 7.9.11

We had a quick work weekend a few weeks ago. The boys finished a week @ Sabattis, the Boyscout camp outside of Tupper Lake, and the girls spent some time visiting family in Lake Placid, but we all met up for a day and a half of work at the castle.

We put on a new temporary front door and hung the door knocker Andy designed and had built, it looks great, don't ya think?

I had some time before the boys arrived and Ruby was still with family, so I cut off the branches of the trees that got knocked over recently when we were doing some excavation work. Here are the limbless trees and the limbs waiting to be burned.

Andy and Rex filled in an opening that was above the center window. If you look back in the last blog or so you'll see it use to look like a "T". Now it is just three matching windows!

It was the Annual Lumberjack Compitition in Tupper Lake this weekend. We missed most of the events as we were working, but we went down in the evening to experience some of the action. That is Ruby as a lumberjack and that is her climbing the palm tree, she is up near the top.

Apparently Lumberjacks also like cowboy hats. Here is Rex trying to pick just one!

Go Lumberjacks!

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