Saturday, April 23, 2011

Andy's latest find

A couple Saturdays ago, it was a nice day out and Andy said he was taking a drive towards Ithaca to see if this place he passes all the time was open. He'd seen some big pieces outside the building and was eager to get inside. He gets there and it is not open, so he looks around and by the time he is done, the owner shows up and he gets inside, he is in heaven, it's the day before his birthday and you know he isn't coming home without something.
So, it turns out, it is a "picker" place. That's right, Anthony Ferro is a true blue picker (someone who travels around and finds treasures for other people) & Andy has instantly found a new friend. The more they talk, the more Andy finds out that Anthony knows alot of the people Andy knows & the new friendship is sealed with a purchase! A 10ft x 6 ft. window and an old mantle piece. The pieces were delivered this week

Andy stopping traffic for his delivery

Our first look at the purchase

Anthony & his guy helped us unload, Ruby is on camera duty and I must say, she is getting pretty darn good.

We tipped it and slide it off the truck onto a heavy duty dollie

Now we just have to get over all the little ruts in the brick sidewalk without losing it

This mantle piece is of unknown origin, but the saying on it is French, used by the British Monarchy, and means "divine right to govern". It is believed to have come from a court or school in Canada and is definitely regal enough for an Adirondack Castle!

Eric, from the office, was fortunate to be working and got enlisted to come up and help unload the window, he is shy, so he kept trying to hide behind the window.

Easing it down the driveway. I have one foot on the piece, so I am hopping backwards, pretty talented I know!

and now it is resting against the old basketball post. I knew that post would come in handy someday!
Guess we'll be renting another big truck to get this one to Tupper!
Anthony was already trying to sell Andy another window he found, a 16 ft. one, bu the time we set this one down.
Andy actually said no.

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