Friday, April 22, 2011

Resurrecting a Landmark

So Andy travels alot for his work and he isn't very good at passing Antique stores, although I have to give him credit, he passed the one in Auburn alot before he finally found it open and was able to get his hands on these pieces. I forgot my camera the day we were loading them up, but here is one my mom took of one of the concrete pieces, it had been here so long, the trees were growing around it and holding it in place. There were 2 pieces like this one, a center arch pieces, a few base pieces and a few columns.

Here is the back story. The pieces have been at this store for over 20 years, but they origionally came from The Custom House & Post Office in Sodus Bay. Here is a picture of that historic building we found:

This is the information found online with this picture
"Formerly on the south side of Sentell Street, this building was once used as the United States Custom House and Post Office. The building was a long, narrow masonry block, with stone trimmed front and baroque bracketed wood cornice. It was built as part of the boom that occurred from the building of the railroad in the mid-1870s. The building is no longer standing"

Well in swoops Andy, defender of historical monuments, & he buys the pieces for the castle.

Here we are loading them into a rental truck last week to bring them to the castle. Thanks to Betsy & Roger, as they were are only helpers and I bet they are glad they answered the phone that day!

and they are on the truck. They were heavy, but we finally got the hang of moving them.

Our friends, The Marshalls, who are from Sodus & Sodus Bay, came up to help oversee the unloading of the pieces.

They came off truck alot easier than they went on. We pulled truck right up to front door of castle, made a bit of a ramp, loaded them onto a dolly, and rolled them right in.

and they find their new home, for now, inside the entrance of the front door!

and that is how renovating a castle becomes even more special.

We are proud and privledged to have historical pieces like this as a part of our project. We hope to find a nice picture of the Custom House and hang it right next to these pieces once they are in place.

Thanks to the Mom & Dad & the Marshalls for their help on this special project


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