Friday, April 22, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

On this Earth Day, we thought that was a perfect title for this post. How so, you say? well, on a recent shopping excursion to NYC, Andy & I bought these wooden chest pieces @ ABC furniture

When they were delivered they camp tightly packed in a styrofoam mold,

so when we took them out, of course, my ever thinking husband said, "we should pour concrete in these and make some concrete chest pieces"

So, the next week, here we are, we can mix concrete pretty much anywhere now.

Filling the molds:

Rex did most of the work on this one, so here is the proof!

and here they are out of the molds after we delivereed them to the castle this past weekend.

What are we going to do with them? I don't know, maybe door stops, but it is just another fine example of how you can recycle packing material and create something fun and unique!

Happy Earth Day

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