Monday, August 1, 2011

A Productive end to July

Sears Contracting was back on site the past few weeks. Here they leveled out the overlook to the upper pond.

Now that the waterproofing is around the base of the castle, they leveled the exterior ground, laid more waterproofing material, and covered it in gravel. It is a much flater, sturdy area now around the perimeter for the heavey equipment that is coming to move around more easily without tearing up the ground each time.

More gravel placed inside the cisterne for the base of the concrete floor that will be poured there now that the drainage is all in.

The Electrician cam and installed the new electrical panel. Apparently this one is safe, which leads me to believe the old one we were working with was not, best I just found that out!

Tupper Lake Supply delivered the insulation, wire frame, and rebar for the roofing water proof process. We got up there early on Friday and were able to arrange it all nice, right under the roof crane, so we could raise it to the roof first thing the next day.

Andy had to cut back some of the temporary roof opening so he could get the rest of the roof panels along the exterior trim of roof.

and here they are all in place!

Rex and Andy are rolling out the tar waterproofing paper here. Andy was going to cut large sections and place them down, but Rex thought he had a way we could just roll it out and you know what, Rex was right. We could roll it out and it was alot quicker. Listen to your kids, they have good ideas!

Jack got to use the grinder to grind down all the metal pieces that were protruding from roof. Sparks were a flying.

Patti had the all important job of stomping down the bubbles. She walked the line and she did it well.

Once the black tar paper was down, we put down the blue insulation and then put wiring over it to keep it in place and from blowing away. We lost a few panels in the trees, but the boys were able to retrieve them.

Here is a picture of the roof half done with the insulation. we did finish the other half by 8pm that evening. Now we just have to lay the re-bar and we are ready for a cement pour on the roof.

stayed tune.... we got a three day weekend coming up this week!

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