Monday, August 22, 2011

The weekend of the moving scaffolding

So the scaffolding started inside in the cisterne/fungeon (feel free to look through previous post to see) and first order of business was to break it down, move it, and set it up outside. Here it is set up. Rex is supervising on top of the turret

Water proofing the top of turret was next thing to do. I had grinded down the rebar that was sticking out the top, so it was nice and smooth and ready for the black tar material. Here is our friend Marc helping with that.

Andy and Rex continue the waterproofing on the other side.

Next was getting the metal form work for the turret in place. Andy had made a template of the top of the turret earlier in the season, took it home, designed what he wanted, took it to Weber Tank in Auburn, New York & they made the turret roof! Here are the boys lifting it up the scaffolding. It was in three pieces.

Here, you can see Rex & Chloe (Marc's daughter)
supervising their dads

Once the pieces were up there, they had to be slide into place, hooked together, then drilled into the concrete. Sounds easy enough, but this whole process took most of the day.

Here they are in place through the window.

Here's the turret roof panels ar they look almost complete, looks like the left one still isn't in place in this picture.

Here's Chloe and mom, Shelly, taking a walk on the property for the first time.

The girls had the task of finishing up the stenciling on the small beams. Knowing Shelly and family were coming , we saved this project for her. She is a world renown children's artist, check out, to see what I mean. Every castle needs world renown artist working on them!

Here are Tosh and I working on the beams the following day. Not so world renown, but we got the job done.

it was a pretty sight to see when they were all done.

Ruby liked all the letters and wanted to start moving them around to spell words, I said no. The letters are there so we know where they go when we start to place them.

Ruby was around taking pictures, here she is taking a picture of me taking a pciture of her.

Chloe is in a "nerd-off" with a friend and they are going around trying to out do each other doing Planks (a yoga move) in odd places. here is what she and Ruby came up with at the castle. Oh, and the correct terminology is "planking"

Don't be alarmed, it is an airsoft gun. this is Clark, Marc & Shelly's younger son patroling the property. Clark was in heaven and all over the place and unfortunately this is the only picture we got of him. It is great how the kids can keep them selves so entertained when the jobs we give them start to bore them.

Scaffolding move #3, from out front back inside to the great room.

We needed the scaffolding in so Andy and Rex could patch the hole they cut last week in roof for the chimney. It is just a temporary patch while they pour the concrete on the roof in a few weeks.

Scaffolding move #4, from one side of great room to another. Here you can see Ruby pushing a pile of concrete blocks out of the way. The girl is strong!

Scaffolding now in place for Andy to cut out two windows that will be in the fourth floor bedrooms. That is him up there cutting if you look real close.

So, this is the time we took a lunch break and then Ruby & I cleaned the place up and left, taking no more pcitures. Rex and Andy stayed and said they were going to finish cutting the windows, but they ended up making a trap door cover for the spiral staircase instead. Patti was concerned about the stairs being open to the roof for safety purposes and was also concerned about rain pouring in. Andy took her concern to heart and sealed it up!

Thank you to our friends The Strang Family for coming and helping us out, we got alot done and love having our friends be a part of the castle. It was Marc who jumped in the car the week after we read the story on the castle a year and a half ago and encouraged Andy to buy it. Thanks Marc, I think we need to see more of you there for that one!

as always, stay tuned, there is more to come.

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