Monday, August 8, 2011

we had our heads in the clouds all weekend

We were up on the roof the whole weekend again trying to get it ready for the concrete pour. The concrete contractor came and confirm it was a go for this month, so full speed ahead to finish up the waterproofing of the roof, cut the new entrance, patch up the old entrance, and cut the hole for the fireplace chimney! Here was our spectacular view most of the weekend.

This is a big bird that is around every weekend, we are pretty sure it is Edward keeping an eye on us

So last weekend when we left we had finished most of the black tar waterproofing, laid down the blue insulation and put mesh wiring and rebar over it to hold it all down. This is what it looked liked since I didn't get a picture of it last weekend.

So this weekend Andy informed us we had to lift all the wire mesh we put down and put in more blue insulation in a cake tier progression, more layers in the center. Here he is measuring twice and cutting once!

Here is his drawing of the layering for those that like pictures. I was way confused when he was telling us what to do and just told him to mark it and keep checking us.
It's windy up there, so Ruby had the all important job of holding down the insulation until we got the wire mesh over it.
Rex had to go around and cut the rebar down with the grinder. I did some of that too!

Here is Rex zip tieing the rebar to the mesh. He and I did this for hours. We have several blisters on our fingers to prove it.

and example of our fine work. Once we did all the zip ties, andy informed s we had to go around and cut them all down so they weren't stick out too.

Rex moving the rebar around. Looks like he should be walking a tight rope.

Ruby helped with cutting back the zip ties too.

It was hot and very muggy up there. Andy and I came up with the new castle wear collection we were getting so hot. Disregard the castle tan, we are working on it.

After a very productive morning, We had visitors. Andy's Dad came up with his brother Mike, from Nebraska and his neice, Abby, who were visiting the East Coast. Grandpa brought a picnic lunch with table clothes and everything. I should have gotten a picture, it was darling, but we were too excited to have such luxery we forgot the picture. Thanks Grandpa!

Grandpa came up with the idea of having a driving range. He brought the club, some balls, and a piece of carpet. Andy already has three driving ranges planned now, thanks Grandpa.

Mike and Abby in the fort!

Mike and Abby with the knight

Grandpa also brought big airplanes for the kids. Rex lost his in the trees when he threw it off the roof. Ruby decided to play it safe and try and hit me. grandpa, Mike, and Abby look on.

Back to work. Time to cut the spiral staircase opening to the roof. Andy kept the crane attached so he could attach the cut out pieces of concrete to it and lower them down gently nce he cut them. He cut the opening into 4 smaller sections so we could manage them better.

This is the first section cut from the roof looking down.

Here he is making the cut from the fourth floor looking up.

Rex is on the crane lower it down as Andy is manuevering it on the stairs.

Once on the stairs we let it slide down and put it on a furniture dolly to move it into the other room.

Here it is in place ready to go out the window.

and here we are lifting it up to the window

and more lifting

we found concrete on concrete doesn't slide too well, but we got it.

and there it goes.

we put a few empty pallates on the ground to break the fall. Here is two pieces out.

and once again, I forgot to geta picture of the new opening once we totally finished. I think we were so tired we just wanted to clean up and get home. So this is the new spiral stair opening to the roof almost done. that center piece is out now.

and here is the old up the ladder and out opening we have been using the last year all patched up.

It was a year coming, but Andy is finally one more step closer to his stairway to heaven!

Andy said it was a productive weekend and we can rest for a few days now.

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  1. I think I just went back through your entire blog. I saw the article in the NYT and googled you guys. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Congratulations on your amazing home, I can't believe how much fun I had just following this, to say nothing for what it must be like to actually do it. I can't wait to see more!! You know, you might be able to get some free labor if you gave away a "ballroom" or "banquet" night to some medieval Times enthusiasts if they were willing to come out and spend a day or two helping you build, lift and haul...just a thought. I can't imagine how much work it is...then again....that kind of quality family time will stay with your kids forever. Nothing will ever mean as much to them. You guys rock. Thanks for inspiring my weekend!