Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Boys Weekend

So Andy and Rex were back to work this weekend at the castle. Brian and Mark continue to work also, so lots has been getting done. Here you can see the big stencil beams and the smaller stencil beams are almost all up, this is the ceiling to the great room.

This is looking down from 2nd floor, through ceiling into great room. You can see how they are starting to extend new second floor over the top of the ceiling.

This is the framing in of the area above the great room stairs. The small powder room off the library is behind this wall. You can see Rex holding up a piece of art work Andy found at an antique store that will go right there perfectly.

This is one of the new windows Andy cut way up high in the great room for a fourth floor bedroom, now the window is getting a floor to go with it.

More framing in. I believe this is the kitchen area extending into the great room.

A couple weekends off for Easter, but we will be back the weekend after.

Have a good Holiday!

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