Monday, March 12, 2012

Five Guys & the story of the Beams & Brackets

As the Five Guys left Sunday afternoon after a long hard weekend of castle building, alittle bit of partying on the side, this is what they saw. The sunlight floating through the new windows and dancing on the new beams and brackets

It all started last Monday...
I mentioned in passing that my cousin's husband, Brian Reed, was helping us with the castle when we are up. Well now, he and his friend, Marc Segabache, are working during the week when we are not there and that means things are moving along even quicker than we hoped for.
Last week Brian and Marc :
* finished trimming the rest of the windows on the exterior that we installed the previous weekend.
* knocked out concrete plugs in floor, that Andy had started last year, in preparation for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing to be installed.
* framed library wall out so we could put installation in before we slide the library built-ins in.
* framed portion of third floor, where kitchen wall is being knocked out & steel beam was installed in November, in preparation for timber framing to be placed in great room that will be floor for 4th floor.

Downside to them working during the week and me not going up last weekend is I have no pictures of any of this, but I will take them next visit, so if it is hard to visualize, stay tuned.

Last weekend, the kids & I stayed home due to activities they had planned and Andy headed up with our friend, Tom Corona, of NCI Home Inc. & his friend David Blair, of David Blair Contracting, to work with Brian & Marc, to install brackets & timber frames.

If you remember, Dennis, Rex, & Andy installed the brackets on the east wall last summer. We had to do those then as they were bolted in from the outside and needed to be done before the stucco went on. Well, now it was time to get the brackets on the west wall up, so we could get the timber frames up, so we can start building the ceiling to great room/ floor to 4th floor.
Well the boys worked hard and got all 6 brackets up and all 7 timber frames in place. There are the 350 lb. timber frames that were delivered from California last year and stenciled throughout the summer.

As Andy tells it, the process started with trimming each beam to the exact length. He noted as good as Edward & his friends were as masons, they were still off plum and not square by 3 inches. Seems close enough to me, but Andy said, "as rustic as the beams look, they have a high level of precision that has to be maintained when installing them."

Once trimmed, one at a time, the timbers were hoisted into the air with a chain fall ( on loan from our friends at Leo's Body Shop). Once in place and precise, they were bolted into the brackets. Once secure, the chain fall is dismantled, the beam dolly is moved and re-set for the next timber. All this is being done by five guys just having a good time! five beams on Saturday, two on Sunday. These are the only pictures Andy got for us.

Thanks to Tom & David. Much thanks to Brian & Marc for taking on the task of weekday work, love coming up and seeing so much progress, you guys are awesome!

We are off this weekend, Andy & Rex are headed to DC with the scouts & Ruby, Tosh, & I are tryingto take advantage of weather and get Spring work done at home.

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