Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The castle was bustling this weekend

Andy went up Thursday evening this week with the Contractors, Kevin Rich Construction & Team Install, to get cracking on the window installation. He was met by Brian & Mark who are helping from Wilmington, and they were working hard for 16 hrs. that day! The goal was to get the big window up and get several others framed and in.
This is the frame for the big window in the great room that would hold 9 of the windows.

Once the frame was built, they made sure all the windows fit securely.

Once they knew the frame fit and the windows fit and were in, they had to secure a hoist to it as it was too big to lift the way they origionally thought.

You can see here they are hoisting it up and there are window legs to support it

and in it went, realitively easily. Rex & I got there just as they were securing it into place in this picture.

and here is looking down at them securing it in at the top. That's Andy on the yellow ladder trying to get right in on the action.

and here is what the big window looks like from the outside. The exposed wood will be painted grey so it will blend in better.

there was alot of windows going up and downthe stairs.

There were alot of conferences fixing small issues that came up, Tosh oversaw all of them.

There was a temporary coffee bar set up for one break. This is actually the frame for the other big window in the great room before it went up.

people were sitting in and out of windows framing them up.

people standing high on scaffolding putting in 4th floor windows where there are no floors yet.

a plank was set up going from the fourth floor that is there to the scaffolding where the window needed to be placed. apparently carrying a window across this small platform is easier than lifting it up the scaffolding.

and here you see how easy it really is.

and the graceful movements of two burley men dancing on the upper scaffolding as they place the window and secure it. Once windows were in, Brian & Mark came along and framed them all up. worked like a well oiled machine!

back to the next big window. The coffee bar when it wasn't in use.

they agin built in a frame within the box & knocked out the temporary window cover.

This one didn't require a hoist, all the guys got at the end and slowly walked it forward and then used the legs to woggle it into place. again, relatively easy and no major problems.

Rex & Andy enjoying the new window seat overlooking the mout.

and from the outside here it is!

Team Install & Rich Construction left Saturday afternoon for a quick ride home and some rest. we stuck around to clean up, I worked on sealing around all the windows with my favorite Gaps & Cracks foam insulation, and Andy & Rex got working on getting another arch in place.

Tosh made sure they were doing it right.

Andy is sitting on the scaffolding hooking the arch onto the top bolt, Rex had the middle and bottom bolts. This one gave us a little trouble, but we eventually figured it out and got it in place.

Tosh guarding the tools

and voila, another arch in place. These are in preparation to get the big huge beams to span across them for the base of great room ceiling and floors above.

Andy is back up for a guys weekend weekend. Goal this weekend is to get big timber frames in place atop the arches.

Brian & Mark have been working there all week too, so we'll have an update on what they have been up to.

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  1. Tosh rocks! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful and inspirational photos and story.