Wednesday, September 11, 2013

all work and no play makes a sad castle day!

The kids got a zip  line for Christmas from Ms. Bev and we haven't had an opportunity to put it up until this weekend. Here are Andy and Poppie (my Dad) putting it up.

 Ruby's friend, Abby, came up and tested it out for the first ride.
Ruby above and Abby below. They came up with a game where you zipped into the tree at the end and then kicked off it and whoever kicked back farthest wins! I did it a few times too, its pretty fun! 

The concrete guys sealed the concrete on the first two levels last week and it was a bit stinky inside, so Andy had Marc and Brian working on the Chapel. This is Nana (my Mom) saying "TaDa" on the Chapel platform.

 and if you recall awhile back, Andy showed up at the house with this large antique church window on a flatbed truck from an excursion in Ithaca, well this window is going to be raised upright onto the chapel floor to provide a backdrop for possible weddings.
Here is a picture of the Chapel from another angle and Andy's sketch for the Chapel platform

The view is still great on top!  

  Andy has to rent a truck to transport the marble tops for the bathroom vanities because they were too heavy for his trailer. He is working to un fasten them from their secure transport location.
 Here's what they look like.Same top in each bathroom although some are rectangle for the larger bathrooms and some are more of a triangle like this one in the smaller bathrooms. like this
Andy and Rex managed to carry all the counter tops up and get them into place. My job was to follow with a piece of foam in case they had to rest on the way. The foam was to place the Marble on.
It appears Chris had the concrete guys spray the mason stone with the sealer to see what it looked like. We think it looks pretty good and would cut down on dust, so we are thinking we might seal the masonry work on the inside of the castle.
 Poppie is an Ex-Fire Chief of Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Dept., so he thought he should be in charge of fire after a few flights up and down of stairs.

                                             Poppie could also be found "screwing around"
 Nana almost got all tied up, but she was able to unwind the extension cords and helped clean and reorganize the locked boxes
                                 The front entrance with new infloor heatnig stampcrete with sealer
                   We also got a slack line too at christmas and finally got to put that up in the front lot.

These are our piles of stones and concrete pieces from the concrete we knocked out. Nana and Rex are filling buckets to be carried into the wine cellar and used as filler behind the wine racks.

 Nana thought it would be fun to finish the wine racks in the wine cellar so Sunday morning we did. Nana and Poppie both realized it wasn't all fun and alot of hard work, but it was a nice accomplishment to be able to say they did it I think.

 The finished product. The darker red arches are the new ones. The plywood in the center gets removed and then wine bottles go in the arches.
It was a productive weekend and it was fun to have mom and dad being there and helping out, thanks guys, love you!

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