Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Fall!

Our friends Shelly and Marc came to help us prepare the castle for it's first fundraising event next weekend. Shell is an artist and took this artistic shot. The two lions kinda look like a rooster, don't they?               
Peak is late this year, this is usually how it loos the first weekend in September and with the weather forecast and lack of rain I think this weekend coming up is going to be near peak and beautiful.

Marc is inspecting the large church window that Brain and the other Mark have moved closer to the place it will be re-erected to serve as the back drop of the chapel.
these two trees will be beams on each side of the window that will help support roof of chapel.

 Chris finished the arch masonry work at end of great hall stairs and is almost finished with the stairs into the fungeon. They are sweet.
we are moving some pieces of furniture in to make it look a little more homey. This is the big church pew we got from our friends Taber & Yona. They were  living in Saratoga, but recently relocated to Seatlle and needed a new home for this piece as it was too big to take cross country, so we adopted it and it goes great here in the Fungeon/game room.
Brian and Mark are framing in the overlook area so they can panel it as you can see to the left of this picture.


some pieces we pulled out of storage, they may or may not stay where they are currently located, but it is fun to see them finally in the castle.

 This black armoire was a great find and with a little black paint makeover it looks very castley. The inside has all these drawers and the hardware is so cool, it was made for the castle.
This is the great room dining table. It is actually a new piece from restoration hardware
Black toilets have arrived and three were functional by time we left on Sunday, now if we just had doors on the bathrooms! 

 Brian and Mark were working hard installing the new black wood floors in the 4th floor, back bedrooms and hallway.
 Andy is showing us where some cool light fixtures he found will go in the 3rd floor landing.
 Andy gave Shelly and I the job of taking all the light fixtures he found at Lowe's out of the boxes to assemble

then we spray painted the brown fixtures black.
 and then Shelly rubbed them all with this silver stuff that makes them look like this.

Andy and Mark moved huge dressers from 2nd to 4th floor, they barely fit in the spiral staircase, but they made it work without killing themselves too much.
then the boys moved all the library bookcases into place and attached the doors to the cabinets on the bottom. I was busy re attaching all the hardware to the other pieces we refinished.

 Andy bought these things awhile back at a hardware supply store and he and Mark came up with a pattern and fancied up the front door!

 The weekend warriors after a hard working weekend and a fun filled Saturday night @ Charlie's Inn in Lake Clear.
  Andy came up with this posing and looking in different directions pose
Productive and fun, thanks to Marc and Shelly for coming up and helping out again, thanks to Brain, Mark, & Jerry for working Saturday and Thank you Chris for working Sunday. We all appreciate you hard work and dedication to making this project that much closer to completion. 
Thanks to all for following

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  1. this is incredible...what you are building...i know it will pay off tenfold at the fundraiser!