Monday, September 2, 2013

Cleaning up and moving furniture in

  So the boys, along with help from my Dad and Andy's brother, loaded a big ental truck with furniture from the storage unit this weekend and we brought i to the castle. Thank you to Marc and Brian for being there Sunday to unload as it was some big stuff!
The in floor heating pipes on entry and great room were completed and the new concrete floors were poured on Friday.  This is the new stone wall in the entrance that Chris finished with the brand new floor! 

Here's the old tool room with new floors and they are framing in the arches. We had to build the columns of concrete to support the fireplace that will rest on them above in the great hall. This built ins can be storage or shelving. This was the first time I have seen this room without Ed's original workbench and his mason jar's full of screws and bolts, it was so weird.

 New stone stairs down into the fungeon that Chris has been working on.

 Andy on the little side stair Chris completed, so cute. Yes, I met the stairs and Andy!
                           The great room was cleared out for the new floor to get poured. It looks so much more massive without anything in it!
                                                         The other angle of the great room.
 They ahd to put everything somewhere, so here it the crowded, messy kitchen with everything in it.
 Andy's Dad came for his yearly visit to check out our progress. He always bring a picnic lunch. As last year, it was raining and it was an indoor picnic.
 He said he was bringing fried chicken, but apparently he left before it was finished at the store so we got Big Macs and mac salad! I had my heart set on Fried Chicken too.
 This is from great hall looking down grand staircase. They put in one of the antique arches at the bottom, can you see it?
 I didn't think you could see it, so here it is up close. Chris is working on filling it in with stone work.  He hoped to finish before we got there, but he doesn't like to rush it. Each stone has its place.
 Little Aurora wasn't afraid to get dirty and help us vacuum. We paid her in Dunkin Donuts that Grandpa had brought.
 Patti was cleaning too, she jumped right in. I know, I was sweating up a storm. I am not sure why she wore a white long sleeve shirt. She said it was comfortable and you know what, she really didn't get it that dirty.
 Andy had to back up the big truck to the front door. Here is Rex directed him. They are a good team and got the job done without any accidents.

 Grandpa walked all the way down to the pond. He almost fell about 5 times, but he didn't. The water is down, but the grass is growing in around it and it looks pretty.
 Apparently when Rex and his friends were up last weekend playing airsoft, Sir Edward was the enemy and it doesn't look like he won.
So, I spent entire day Saturday vacuuming the ENTIRE castle with my new shop vac. Yup, the entire day and that was with help from Patti and Aurora. Andy and Rex moved all the furniture we set up in the two new bedrooms on the fourth floor so the guys culd lay the new wood floors on them. They are big black planks, it is going to look so cool. The two showers in those rooms work too. Rex and I headed back home on Sunday  for some social events while Andy stayed on and unloaded the truck and got Wine cellar ready for us to work in this coming weekend. 
                                STAY TUNED, we're getting close to actually staying there.


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