Monday, March 31, 2014

A Full Castle of Guests and Visitors

It is so nice to be able to stay at castle now and have friends come and visit and stay with us. Andy has been trying to get Matteo Bartolotta up forever. He is the master woodworker who built the library pieces, the beds, and the kitchen. 
Andy met Matteo over 20 years ago and they have been designing and building beautiful furniture ever since. An added bonus of their work relationship was a true respect for each others artistry and love of family, so our family has been invited into their family and what follows is what happens when you invite Matteo somewhere. 
You get two of his 3 sons, the other had a very important concert in NYC, sure Matt, Whatever, their beautiful wives, and 5 of Matteo's 7 grandchild. We missed Francesca, but her babies are wee babies and the castle is not baby proof just yet.
My bestie Patti came for a visit with her daughter Kate. We are planning Kate's graduation at the castle! They are visiting here with Kathy
                           Andy and Matteo, pure genius lies within and between these two men.

          We know no man is an island, or anything, 
without the beautiful wife. Her are Matteo and his beauty, Rose partaking in castle play.

    The Bartolotta Grandchildren had a great time. They were just running up and down the spiral stairs saying how cool it was to be staying in a castle.  Little Matteo knew when the camera was around, so cute!

 Marc Johnson from Saranac Lake contacted me a while back noting his love of castles and he shared with us pictures of his house that is "castled out" and a stone castle he built in his backyard. Well Marc got over for a visit to see our castle and he brought lots of goodies. The men are looking at two dioramas Marc built and donated to our castle for all to enjoy. 

 Marc also brought us some castle games, puzzles, and books for all ages. He shared some of his unique techniques he used in his house and he offered to come help us with projects when help is needed. You know we take people up on those offers. 

 I forgot my good camera and was using my new Iphone 5S, clearly I am still learning about all the camera details, cause this picture is horrible, but I also wanted to share the Joan of Arc statue Marc made for the library. Love, love, love it. I put two knights to guard here nearby. Thanks again Marc, we'll be calling

           Back to the party, Did I mention when Matteo visits that he brings a case of pasta, a case of wine and Grappa, and the finest meats/cheese/breads. One does not go to bed hungry or sober. The wine was opened as soon as the tour was done and everyone took their places, men in big comfy chairs and woman to kitchen and chasing kids, just like in the Medevil Times. I was in bed early, but I heard the boys only got through 2 bottles of Grappa

Kathy was a big help in kithchen. Christine was around too, but she was chasing Matteo around and I guess I never got a picture of her.Sorry Christine.

 Ruby was up with us and her bestie Abby. They got alot of game playing in, snow playing, and a few movies, but hid for my photo

Baartolotta girls made it a slumber party early after getting all their clothes wet playing in the three feet of snow still here in the Adirondacks. I went up to check on them and they had neatly placed all their food and supplies on a table, I especially like the Rolaids and Tylenol, guess their daddy's knew the night that lied ahead.
We still don't have the curtains for the bathrooms done and the girls thought that was crazy and made their own pink leaopard print "privacy screen"
and dinner is served thanks to Little Italy! Yup, they cater and it was really good. As one of the girls said,                                           "that meatball was the highlight of that dinner"
 the chairs are all mix and match from various shopping trips, but some of them are very low and a few of the ladies  could barely see over the table, it was so funny.
So after dinner, I walked the dog, cleaned the kitchen and went to rest for a few minutes and didn't wake up until next morning. I heard it was a great night from everyone else and there was talk that Matteo was knighted, but I still haven't seen any pictures of that.
Thank you Bartolottas for making trip up, thank you Maria, Dave, and Michael for making it up again, and thank you Patti and Kate and Marc for coming over and visiting. it is starting to feel like a home away from home.

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