Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy 4th Anniversary Renovation Leary Castle

              4th floor hallway in all its wood paneled glory. Smells like you are walking through the forest
                      My laundry room has doors now too and....... wait for it....... the washer and dryer work!
 The Library is nice and clean. They are starting to install the turret bathroom which is behind the bookcase. You can see on the left of the picture the part that is the secret door as it is open
 This window got framed, its actually a bed headboard, but as my husband is a think outside of the box guy, it is now a window frame. It is all framed in below, so the window seat is sittable
                                                       A table with a collection of crowns.
 See now this picture looks like I am a professional it is so good. The chairs and table are ready for our guest
                            This is the 3rd floor landing and you think it is just a cool painting right?
 well, as promised, it is actually a painting with eyes cut out and if you go behind the wall, you can lift the painting on the wall and spy on everyone coming up
 Views are still spectacular on the roof and as you can see here, there is still snow on Big Tupper. This was the calm before the 5 inches we got that night>
                      Framing in the old work room which is now the upper part of the fungeon.
 Matteo loved the clean wine cellar, but he wants to know where all the wine is. Uh, Matteo, we drank it all!
We got a new handy dandy backpack vacuum. Dave put it together and went for a spin. 

Andy had to get more work in, so he was putting on hinges and fixtures. Here he is working on my laundry room door.
 Looks great right?

 Towel rack is up in some of the bathrooms. It is an old idea that some may recognize from the coat room @ Roaslie's restaurant in Skaneateles.
 All the speak easy door fixtures are on and operational. The kids love these and the fact that they can bolt doors from inside so parents can't get in. Works both way kids!

                               Here are the dioramas Marc gave us on their funky castle bases
OMG, when I was working in the kitchen Andy came out and open this drawer in the island. There are no handles on them and I did not know they were drawers. They are all the way around the island. I started filling them pretty quickly after that discovery.

 New industrial kitchen sink is in. You can't see it very well in this picture, but after about 20minutes I figure out the knob underneath the sink knocking me in the knees was the drain release. Didn't I feel stupid. I guess I should have also showed you the dishwashers on each side of the sink that are working now.
 The great room all clean on Sunday before we left. Nice sun shine coming through the window.

 The powder room on first floor off of entrance at base of spiral stairs is going in. top pic is the vanity. next pic shows how they split room in half, left is new bathroom, right is utility/furnace/boiler room
and that's Leary Castle up to date as of  3.31.14. 
Tomorrow marks the 4 year mark that we closed on this treasure.

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