Monday, March 31, 2014

Castle Bed Curtains

Curtains don't just happen people. These have been in the works for the last two years. From picking out the perfect fabric, textures, and colors to figuring out a system to hanging them, to the countless, sleepless nights of sewing  by Maria and viola, 2 years later here they are!
                  Maria's assistants Dave (his real job is her boyfriend) & Michael (he's the son) look on
                                            as Andy places first hanging rod in top of bed frame
 Andy was up until 2:30am on Thursday evening working in our shop at home constructing all the pieces to that would attach to the bed frame and hold the curtain rods. He got to castle early Friday evening and was able to install all his pieces so he was ready for Maria when she got there.

Maria set up shop in the bathroom the first day. As much as she had done previously creating the curtains, there were final details that had to wait and be done on sight, so she came with her travelling sewing machine and sewing kit. Notice the boot in this picture? Well I didn't get a picture of its pair, but it was on Maria's foot. She was walking around all day in one boot. I asked if it was a new fashion statement and she said, " I like to feel the sewing pedal with my foot" She's a true artist who feels it right down to her toes!
We often joke coming to the castle is like a good weekend workout. Here Seamstress Maria is doing her stretches while measuring.
 From the sewing machine in the bathroom, to sitting on the floor sewing by hand, and stretching, this woman does it all.
 Peek a Boo. You might think Maria is hanging the first panels of the curtains, but she is actually working her triceps. They really are gorgeous and pictures don't do them justice.

                                     So the curtains can hang at the four corners as you see here.
 or they can close up completely around the bed. Andy wanted to create a small cocoon within the bigger room space for a private, intimate feeling
 Andy and Maria came up with this tab and rope hanging system after much deliberation. Models were created to see if this would work and to see how it would look before actual production of the real things. Andy and Maria went over every detail several times, trust me as I trusted them, these two knew what they were doing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  So the Kings Room Bed Curtains are complete. The fabric on the outside is a velvety diamond pattern and the fabric on the inside is a satiny diamond pattern. 

View as you enter the King's Room. The blue thing in back with Cross is window opening. Should have real window and a beautiful Adirondack scene out it soon.

 A few pillows we picked up along our way help create the royal feeling. Right now we just have plain comforter and blankets on bed, still working on the bed spreads
Maria didn't stop. She worked through Saturday evening and was back at it Sunday morning. She moved to the Knight's Room, also known as Rex's room, and set up the sewing shop there. We had the castle dog watching her to make sure she wasn't goofing off.

Same system for hanging, colors are different and these pictures really don't depict the true richness of these curtains. They are green, but much prettier than this.

By the end of Sunday we had three of the six bedroom curtains done. Yeah Maria and her team, Yeah Andy, Nice job and better than anything you would find anywhere because these curtains have hours and hours of love in them and you can feel it when you are near them.


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